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Intro 01:03
Day by day I’m living in what used to be my life. Deep in conversation with the troubles of tomorrow. Ignorant of who I really am. Ignorant of who I really love. But self-destruction is worth nothing. It’s worth nothing. I have yet to learn how to let go. I have yet to learn how to be nobody but the person I am today. No more power to my selfishness. No more clinging to what used to be. No more striving for elusiveness and that’s a promise to my fucking self. No more power to my selfishness. (And I say) no more clinging to what used to be. (And I say) no more striving for elusiveness and that’s a promise to my fucking self. A promise to no one but myself.
Different directions. Jaded values. Washed up ideals. A bitter failure. What has this all become? When did you change? Please don’t get me wrong my friend. I’m not here to judge you here and now. I’m just here to tell you that I’m the one that still gives a fuck. (That’s right.) Youthful dreams just put on the shelves. These lyrics on your shirts were just a phase. So you’ve learned, grown up and changed? All I know is that this world won once again. But these X’s on my fists will forever stay. Never fade away.
The Beast 01:26
I’m trying so hard to avoid my worst enemy, still I’m facing myself every day. Again and again I’m feeding the wrong beast to disempower my love and peace. And even though I have a choice I yield to the sweet temptation that is anger, that is hate, that is my fucking ego I wish I could control when the beast has found its prey. So now I’m trying so hard to find my only friend in this chaos within myself. This time I’m feeding the other beast to empower my love and peace. And now I know I have a choice, so here’s what I have learned: My pride is a mountain I have to defeat so I can accept the truth that I am no better than you.
You call it a weakness, yet this weakness is my only strength. Keep spitting on my convictions. Your defiance is what keeps me alive. How the fuck did you even end up in this place? If this is nothing but a joke to you, why are you wasting away day after day after day? I’m fucking fed up with your culture of decay. Don’t ask for mercy if you have nothing but shit to say. If I’m considered a loser in your brave new world I will renounce my crown, give up my realm and get a front row seat to watch you fall down. You can only fall.
Freedom 01:47
Tell me am I truly free? I am just a privileged man with nothing to lose, because I know who the miserable life is about to choose. I am as ignorant as they come and I feel like this world’s only son. I don’t know what I have, because I’ve never lost a thing. To appreciate this life shall remain reserved for the ones already dead. I will never understand, though I’ve heard every word you said. And I will never understand, says a person that has never been afraid. So ask me if you’re truly free.


released December 26, 2017

This is a Blacktop Records release

Recorded, mixed and mastered in October 2017 by David Deutsch at 1408 Productions, Hanover
Additional vocal session by Malte Appel at Rama Studios, Mannheim
Artwork by Sebastian Thauer
Backup vocals by the Mannheim Straight Edge


all rights reserved



SPARK Germany

Spark is Jonas, Chris, Fabian, Yannick and Andy.


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